Mohave County Improvement Districts
Mohave County, Arizona

The special assessments on this web site include only the ACTIVE County Improvement Districts/Projects. The Bonds are paid off on the following Districts/Projects; however, they may have liens that have been sold for delinquent assessments. The District office should be contacted for information (see below). The following Districts/ Projects not on this web site are:

Butler Street Improvement District No. 1
Butler Street Improvement District No. 2
Cerbat Ranch Street Improvement District
Rancho Verde Street Improvement District
Golden Valley - 1990-1 Well Construction
Golden Valley - 1990-2 (Zone C1) Storage Tank and Distribution Lines
Golden Valley - Egar and Estrella No. 1 Paving Project
Golden Valley - Eloy 1 Waterline Extension Project
Golden Valley - Stewart Mountain 1 Waterline Extension Project

To contact the Improvement District Office:

Phone: (928) 757-0914
Address: Mohave County Improvement Districts
3715 Sunshine Dr
P O Box 7000
Kingman, AZ 86402-7000

Assessment Information Request And/Or Change Of Owner/Address Form

We do not give verbal assessment information over the phone, however, we will respond in writing if we are given a parcel number and legal description in writing. There is a $5.00 fee per parcel for this information.