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Parcel Information ( Click for Current Tax Bill)

Tax Year: 2014  
Parcel Number: (Click for Map) 227-19-116 (Click for Improvement Information)
Site Address: 5167 S AMBER SANDS DR , FORT MOHAVE 000000000
(* indicates sales agreement, not a deed)
Owner 2:  
Mailing Address: 15761 PLYMOUTH LN
Tax Area: 1621
Land Value: $18,588.00
Improvement Value: $66,303.00
Full Cash Value: $84,891.00
Assessed Full Cash Value: $8,489.00
Limited Value: $84,891.00
Assessed Limited Value: $8,489.00
Value Method: Market
Exempt Amount: $0.00
Exempt Type:  
Use Code: 0131
Property Use: 0131-SFR-010-3 URBAN-SUBDIVID
Class Code: Residential
Assessment Ratio: 10.00%

Last Sale Information < font color="#FFFF00">(Click here for link to sales history prior to July 1, 2000) Any sales between July 1, 2000, and the last recorded document (below) is not shown.

MULTIPLE SALES: If a sales affidavit is recorded with one sales price for two or more parcels, we cannot make a decision on the breakdown of the price of each parcel in the sale. Our records will reflect the full sales price on each parcel. It is up to whomever is inquiring to check the sales affidavit with the Recorders Office (Phone: 928-753-0701) to see if the sale involves more than one parcel. If you want our records to reflect individual sales prices, then you need to be sure to record separate deeds and sales affidavits for each parcel.

Sale Price: $142,000.00
Sale Date: 06/01/2014
Recorded Instr Type: WD
Fee Number: 2014030029
The Recorder's Office stopped using Book and Pages references on recorded documents as of January 2010. If you don't see a Book and Page reference, use the Fee Number, which will be the only reference used to acquire copies of newer recordings from the Recorder's Office.

Assessor Description Information

Parcel Size: 0.21 Acres
Township, Range and Section: 19N, 22W, 26
Assessor Description: TRACT: 4080 SILVER SANDS ESTATES BLK D LOT 7 CONT 9021 SQ FT
The Mohave County Assessor accepts no liability for the accuracy or completeness of the description provided. The description may not include all information. This description is for information only.
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